Grapes in skin care? Yay or Nay?

Gravitale Skin Revitalizing Gel

Grapes are exceptionally remedial in skin care. They rejuvenate skin and provide a glow to it. Wine bath and wine based product has always intrigued me. Hence trying out this product was exciting and I am in love with the product.

What is Gravitale?
At Gravitale, they produce topical grade grapes which contains 5.4 times more phenolic antioxidant content than the regular ones. 
The Revitalizing Skin Gel is the first and signature product from the Gravitale range. It is made with whole, crushed Gravitale grapes and delivers a powerful, therapeutic combination  of phenolic antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, Vitamin C, and other phyto nutrients to the skin, holistically nourishing and restoring life to the skin from the inside out. 
Gravitale specializes in making vinotherapy products from grapes that they grow themselves in the Nilgiris. Vinotherapy is the process of using grapes and their derivatives in skincare – a concept that does not yet exist in India and they are introducing here for the first time. Their entire approach to sustainable beauty is to develop solutions that improve overall skin wellness and health. 
As quoted by them,
“And naturally, to make the best skincare products, one must start with using only the best ingredients. This is why we took matters into our own hands and decided to grow the grapes ourselves, so we could deliver maximum results without compromising on keeping the products natural, fresh, and extremely safe. Our grapes are special, because we grow them specially and only for our skincare products, which is why they are quite different to the grapes you eat or drink (if you enjoy wine). To my knowledge, no other company in the world cultivates grapes specifically for the skin. Our grapes are actually 5.4 times stronger in phenolic antioxidant content (antioxidants are extremely powerful in fighting signs of aging) than other grapes!”
A simple white tube package with the product name in front and back of the package reads the product information like ingredients and directions.
The product has a mild distinct smell of grapes, . It is made with whole, crushed Gravitale grapes. You can see the peels and seeds too. 
Size : 50 GM
Price : 449
Available online exclusively on Purplle
Apply a thin layer to wet skin and leave it on for anywhere between 10 to 15 mins. Rinse with warm water.
Suits all skin types and use it twice a week for better results.
We call it a ‘one-and-done’ staple product, because in one use, it exfoliates, nourishes, brightens, soothes, hydrates, tightens, softens, and improves skin regeneration all at once, with minimal effort on your part! 
My experience: 
I applied a thin layer as directed. You can feel a mild tingling sensation, which is completely normal. The gel like consistency makes it easier to apply and use. After about 10 minutes I used scrubbing motion to exfoliate my skin and boy was I surprised !
The product stays true to it’s claims. It exfoliated my skin but wasn’t harsh on it. It gave a healthy glow and also made it soft and smooth. The product is hydrating and is indeed a versatile one.
I have used it several times and it hasn’t failed me so far. 
As seen in pic, the area after washing was so soft and smooth. Baby butt smooth to be precise. 
Price. I couldn’t find any con except that it’s priced higher but it’s definitely worth the money.
Would I repurchase?
Of course. I recommend this to all. A must try and a definite re buy.
 Gravitale is a cruelty free brand. It’s 96% natural origin ingredients. It has zero parabens, sulphates and petroleum derivatives. Free from any harmful toxin.

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